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Q Tool

Welcome to the Q fever Risk Assessment Tool ("Q Tool"), a simple assessment to see if your lifestyle puts you at risk of Q fever and whether vaccination is indicated. 

  • Answer all 9 questions as accurately as possible, it only takes a minute 

  • Consider your current situation and any future work plans or activities


At the end of the survey, you will be given an indication of your personal Q fever risk which you can print out and take to your GP for further discussion. At the end of the Q Tool are links to Q fever information.

No identifying information is collected or retained. Hunter New England Population Health analyses results to assist understanding the nature of participants who access the Q Tool. Thank you for your participation.

Q Fever

Q fever is the most commonly reported zoonotic disease (a disease from contact with animals) in Australia. It can cause a range of symptoms ranging from no obvious illness, to an influenza-like respiratory infection, or serious heart and bone disease. About 40% of cases require hospitalisation and about 15% of cases go on to develop a chronic fatigue illness that can have a long-term health impact. The acute illness can be treated with antibiotics but there is no effective treatment for chronic Q fever. All forms of the disease can be prevented by immunisation.

Do you need to be vaccinated against Q fever?

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